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The Changing World of Work - 9780170180184
40 Pages

The Changing World of Work

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170180184

The Changing World of Work again traces how work evolved over earlier times, but then in new chapters up-dates our understanding of what is happening to jobs today and how current students can prepare for their own futures.

The particular jobs people do and the ways in which they do them are being altered in major ways by the internet and other technologies, changing values, multiculturalism and other factors. Some industries are expanding, others contracting.

Many of the activities in this book are designed to help students think globally as well as locally about these issues, to understand patterns and to encourage creativity in suggesting possible solutions.

The world of work has always been an important economic activity and in the last few decades it has become even more complex.

This book:
• traces why work in New Zealand, and in many other parts of the world, has changed so dramatically

• how new technology and closer global links will change the world of work in the future. Such knowledge will help students understand their place in the economic world

• encourages students to think about the values we place on our work and investigates alternatives to the ways in which paid work is now carried out

• addresses The Economic World strand of the New Zealand Social Studies curriculum

Careers Advisers and Social Studies teachers in particular will find this book very helpful as they assist students explore the changing work environment in the world outside the school gates.


1. Work in Earlier Times
2. Work in Early New Zealand
3. Changing Times, Changing Roles
4. Changing Kinds of Jobs
5. Changing Technology
6. Changing with the World
7. Changing Ways of Working
8. Future Work
9. Making Your Own Work
10. Preparing for Future Work


While the content and language of the first three chapters has been updated and re-worked, the bulk of this edition has been largely rewritten, with new text, photos, diagrams, graphs and activities. The emphasis overall is on economic change – its challenges and its opportunities and on the world issues that affect it.

Many of the business examples used were chosen from the New Zealand industries, likely to appeal to teenagers. Chapters like ‘Expanding Industries’ and ‘Future Work’ should also stimulate students to consider their own interests and work skills.

Activities have been designed to cater for a wide range of abilities. They will help students think creatively and entrepreneurially about new possibilities and the skills they will need in the future. Puzzles, pattern recognition, internet research, critical thinking and graphic presentation are all included.

Overall this book gives an up-to-date overview of economic reality and change in New Zealand, while also examining the wider global issues that will impact on our lives more and more in the future.