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The Complete Guide to English Usage for Australian Students, 6th Edition - 9780170418638
264 Pages

The Complete Guide to English Usage for Australian Students, 6th Edition

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170418638

The Complete Guide to English Usage for Australian Students has been a trusted reference book for Australian Secondary students for over thirty years. The revised sixth edition is a newly updated version with a stronger emphasis on the graphical representation of key concepts and provides a thorough treatment of grammatical terms with numerous clear examples and discussion of usage questions. The guide comprehensively covers the treatment of the punctuation marks used in English and includes addition 'Test Yourself' activities for students to track progress in English skills and aid in making sense of English use in the digital age.


Part 1: Using your references
Part 2: Punctuation
Part 3: Grammar in use
Part 4: Vocabulary and spelling
Part 5: Communication through writing
Part 6: Communication through speaking and listening
Part 7: Some terms used in literacy and language


Margaret Ramsay is a teacher with more than 25 years of experience in English literacy. Margaret has taught at Bremer State High School and Everton Park State High School and is also a life-member of The Queensland English Teachers’ Association. While teaching, Margaret developed a successful Reading Retraining program for students at risk. Since retirement, Margaret has become even more involved in literacy, volunteering with students with learning difficulties. The Complete Guide to English Usage has been updated and revised on a continuing basis until the current release of the sixth edition.


A section devoted to the vocabulary of English, including Latin and Greek roots, homonyms and homophones, prefixes and suffices.

Handy lists of common proverbs and idioms.

A detailed overview of different types of texts with annotated examples.