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The Environment Fights Back

By | Copyright Year:2018 | ISBN-13: 9780170418409

Suitable For: New Zealand
In the midst of doom and gloom about environmental problems, it is easy to overlook the good news – that more and more individuals, groups and governments are working to help the environment fight back. This book is about some of those efforts which give cause for hope.
Accessible to students at all levels, suitable for Years 7 – 13.


• World says Oui to Climate Change Deal in Paris
• Yanked away from Paris but US still into Renewables
• China’s Choking Catalyst
• Stopping Methane Explosions from the Paddock
• Germany’s Energy Revolution
• Anti-coal village in India Goes into Battle
• Shining Lights for Low-Carbon Future
• Earth Summits Shove the Environment to the Top
• Earth Gets a Charter
• What if They Screamed? (Reforestation efforts)
• World should Samba for Brazil
• Palm Oil issue heats up
• Environment and Business can be mates
• That humming sound is EVs
• Nanotechnology Proposing a Clean World
• Robots Gearing up to do Battle for the Environment
• How You Clean An
• Plastic bags Are So Back In the Day
• Attacking River Muggers (Efforts to clean up NZ rivers)
• Jean Batten Would Be Amazed (The rise of biofuels for aviation)
• A Doc For The Environment (NZ Department of Conservation)
• Fighting The Predators (Projects such as those in Hawke’s Bay to eradicate pests)
• Nasties Not Needed (Biosecurity in NZ)
• ‘Back Off,’ Trumpet the Elephants
• Creative Thinkers Spring into Action
• Clicktivism makes the Environment go Viral (How social media helps environmental issues)
• Hopping on to Existing Platforms (Examples such as Green Cross International and Miss Earth)
• Groups get going
• Filmmakers Can Blow Your Mind
• And The Winner Is (NZ Green Ribbon Awards for the environment)
• International Positivism (World Environment Days)
• Measuring the Good and the Bad
• Fixing the Hole Above
• De-orbiting the Junk


Ruth Naumann is an experienced Social Studies teacher and the author of numerous social studies publications.