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The Near East: Nelson Ancient History for HSC

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170179683

This beautiful HSC Ancient History book covers the 3 Near East options: Assyria,
Israel and Judah and Ancient Persia, including the strands for Societies and Historical
Periods. Personalities include Sennerachib and Xerxes.

A large amount of Teacher Resources are available at to schools that adopt the text as their core text inside the classroom.

The Near East is a part of the Nelson Ancient History series which includes Secrets of
Vesuvius, Studies in Ancient Egypt, and Unlocking the Past. Further titles in this series are planned.


PART 1 ASSYRIA: The Might of Ancient Iraq
1 Geographical environment
2 The rise of Assyria: Tiglath-Pileser III
3 Organisation of the empire
4 Assyria’s military might
5 Assyrian religion
6 The economic basis for the empire
7 Cultural life in Assyria
8 Daily life in Assyria
9 Sargon II
10 Sennacherib
11 Esarhaddon
12 Ashurbanipal
13 The decline and fall of Assyria

PART 2: ISRAEL AND JUDAH: Consolidation, Conflict & Captivity
14 Geographical environment
15 Solomon
16 Division of the kingdom and loss of empire
17 Role and importance of religion in Israel and Judah
18 Role and features of the kings
19 Impact of the military
20 Israelite society, economy and culture
21 Israel and Judah’s relationship with foreign powers

PART 3: PERSIA: Building an Empire
22 Geographical environment
23 The rise of Persia
24 Xerxes the king
25 Organisation of the empire
26 Military power
27 Achaemenid society and daily life
28 Economy of the Persian empire
29 Religion and Politics
30 Cultural life in Persia
31 Decline of the Persian empire


Helen Hindmarsh has been History Coordinator for 10 years at the Christadelphian Heritage College. She established the History and Geography departments at the school and has been a keen promoter of Near East History in the HSC course. In 2007 Helen was a presenter at the AIS History Conference, detailing the resources and material available for teachers of Assyrian history. She has organised and led four educational trips to the Middle East for students and former students as an opportunity to increase their appreciation of the Israel and Judah components of the HSC course.

Cathy Harnack has been a NSW state and Catholic school teacher since 1971, and a History Coordinator for 6 years. Cathy currently teaches Ancient History at John Paul College in Coffs Harbour and online for the Lismore Diocese Online Education Centre. She received the NSW Premier’s Westfield History Scholarship in 2005 and developed a DVD on Cities of Vesuvius as a result. She has been a regular speaker on Minoan society at the North Coast History Teachers association HSC Days, and in 2007 led a tutorial group on Using Sources in the Ancient History Core at the Macquarie Ancient History Association HSC study day.


A full-colour, readable textbook with excellent photos and text sources

Accurate, clear and detailed maps of ancient Assyria, Persia, Israel and Judah

Meaningful, stimulating source-based analysis and activities and revision questions

Case studies

End-of-chapter review questions

Extra material is available at the password-protected website www. including electronic exam-style questions, assessment tasks, essay questions, and worksheets with source analysis, assessment and self-assessment, and is available to schools who booklist the text inside the classroom.


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