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Understanding Macroeconomics NCEA L3 Workbook - 9780170438148
130 Pages

Understanding Macroeconomics NCEA L3 Workbook

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170438148

This full colour edition has been updated with new content and activities to assist students with developing the knowledge and skills they need for assessments. Students will build up their confidence by completing the range of additional review (examination) questions contained in this latest version.

A Teacher Resource book is also available for separate purchase which contains full answers to this workbook. A digital version of the Teacher Resource is also available via Vital Source. Contact for more information.


AS 91403: Demonstrate understanding of macro-economic influences on the New Zealand economy (3.5)
1. Macroeconomics – overview
2. The circular flow model
3. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
4. The AD/AS model
5. Households and consumption spending (C)
6. Firms and investment spending (I)
7. The business cycle and government spending (G)
8. Exchange rates and the TWI
9. Net exports (X - M) and the current account
10. Terms of trade and the current account
11. The multiplier
12. Monetary policy
13. Fiscal policy
14. Supply-side policy
15. Free trade