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VICscience Psychology VCE Units 3 & 4 - 9780170465076
456 Pages

VICscience Psychology VCE Units 3 & 4

By | Copyright Year:2023 | ISBN-13: 9780170465076

Written in an accessible style by expert teachers, the VICscience Psychology Student Book Units 3 and 4 is design to help students engage and experience psychology through a biopsychological approach. Through rich pedagogy including investigations, videos and activities, students can investigate the connection between the brain and behaviour, memory and learning, and build research skills and strategies for lifelong resilience and mental health.


Kenna Bradley is an experienced Psychology teacher currently teaching VCE Psychology at Strathmore Secondary College.

Andrea Blunden is currently teaching at Mansfield Secondary College, Victoria.


Key Science Skills will be addressed through high quality investigations as well as dedicated chapters in each book.

Explanation of cognitive learning strategies used throughout the series to improve student learning, retention and recall of concepts.

Book Map at the start to show how each topic intersects and Chapter Maps start each chapter so students can orient themselves within the content.

Key Concepts Boxes and Key Concept Questions, including a higher order thinking question, graded by Bloom’s Taxonomy featured throughout to help students test their understanding.

Authentic case studies show psychology in novel situations accompanied by questions and one higher order thinking question, for understanding and analysis.

Complex figures and tables of data will be accompanied by a worksheet to assist students to analyse what that figure is showing with one higher order thinking question.

Pre-tests open each chapter to enable students to revisit previous learning and accumulatively build their knowledge.