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Walker Maths 3.10 Statistical Inference

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170425711

Walker Maths is a series of single standard workbooks containing high-quality, up to date material at NCEA Mathematics levels 1, 2 and 3.

The well-designed, write-on workbooks contain teaching material, including relevant formulae, and ample practice exercises along with sample tasks and questions. The workbooks reflect the content and style of the new standards, and allow teachers total flexibility in course design for students at all levels.

As a single standard series, Walker Maths offers Maths department the ability to buy titles all at once, or throughout the year as required.

A Walker Maths Digital Teacher Resource is available for $9.95 per year for a single download. Each Digital Teacher Resource includes a Walker Maths eBook/projection file. Plus a selection of
• Worksheets
• Extra questions
• Teacher notes
• Videos
• Puzzle sheets
• Practice quizzes
• Worked solutions
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Types of variables
Box plots
Shapes of distributions
Use of medians and means
Finding random numbers on a scientific calculator
Finding random numbers on a graphics calculator

Sampling variability


The difference between two medians (or means)
Computer program output
Does sample size make a difference?

Setting up your investigation
1 Select suitable data
2 Pose an appropriate question and identify the population
3 Define the variables
4 State the purpose and who would find it useful

Describe and compare sample distributions
Compare the centres
Compare the shapes
Compare the positions, sizes and overlaps of the spreads
Describe any unusual features

Making a formal inference about the difference between the medians

Making a formal inference about the difference between the means

Communicate your findings in a conclusion

Writing about statistical inference

Pick the errors

What is the population?

Putting it all together
Annotated example

Practice tasks


Data Cards
Removable section in centre of book


Charlotte Walker BEd, GradDipTchLn, MHealSc.Charlotte has over 10 years' experience in teaching Mathematics.

Victoria Walker BSc (Hons), GradDipTchLn. Victoria has twenty years' experience in teaching Mathematics. She has received a Jim Campbell award for teaching excellence (2003) and an Ernest Duncan award in Mathematics (2007).


New, fresh and up to date content.

Cost effective write-on workbooks for individual standards allows for flexibility in course design.

Rigorous trialling of both text and answers.

Clearly modelled worked examples, with plenty of practice opportunities.

A high standard of design and production – the clean design allows for plenty of open space and text.