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Year 9 Graphics Student Book

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780170185615

Paul Bourdot’s Year 9 Graphics course recognises the importance of an underlying skill base of drawing systems and sound instrumental drawing practice in Graphics.
Beginning Graphics students are introduced to correct drawing techniques and understanding to establish the skills upon which they can build in later years.
Year 9 Graphics will motivate students and challenge them to think, so that the quality of their work will see a steady improvement.

The series includes the following components:
• Student Sprial Bound Textbook - A5 Size
• Student Workbook - A3 Size
• Teacher Resource DVD


Suggested Time Frame
Environment and Equipment
Getting Started
Measuring Lines and Drawing Sequence
My First Drawing
The Title Block and Printing
Beginning Drawing
Compass Exercises
Orthographic Projection
Rendering – Solids
Freehand Sketching
2D and 3D Freehand Sketching
Detailed Sketches
Oblique Drawing
Isometric Drawing
Isometric Circles and Curves
Perspective Drawing
Geometric Constructions
Line Division
Auxiliarly View
A Design Brief
Design Brief – Marking Schedule
Worksheet – Marking Schedule


Developed for the New Zealand curriculum

Extensively and successfully classroom tested

An integrated system of student textbook, A3 student drawing pad and teacher resource

An excellent foundation for the continued study of Graphics

Greater continuity for across class assessments

Teachers of longer courses can use it to complement their own teaching resources.


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