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Te Matapuna: Textbook

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170425292

Te Matapuna has a fresh new redesign for today’s learners of Te la Reo.

Te Ia Reo (The Current of Language) is a lively course for learning and teaching Maori. Te Ia Reo is written primarily for secondary school students, but it can be used equally well in senior primary school classes, in tertiary institutions and with adult students.

Te Matapuna (The Source) is the first level and assumes that the student has little or no previous experience of the Maori language. It is built on a gradual step by step process of learning the language. Each level consists of three basic resources – a student textbook, a student workbook and a teacher resource with downloadable audio.


1. Te Wāhanga Tuatahi: Taku Whānau
2. Te Wāhanga Tuarua: Taku Rōpū Ako
3. Te Wāhanga Tuatoru: Taku Kāinga
4. Te Wāhanga Tuawhā: Ngā Wāhanga o te Tinana
5. Te Wāhanga Tuarima: Te Haere ki te Tāone
6. Te Wāhanga Tuaono: He Mahi Torohanga 1
7. Te Wāhanga Tuawhitu: He Mahi Torohanga 2


Ian Cormack (Ngäti Mamoe, Ngäi Tahu) draws on decades of experience as a teacher, writer, editor and translator of Mäori for the design of this series. As an adult he has also learned Greek, Italian, German, French, Mandarin and Russian, as well as Mäori. His own learning has put him totally in tune with the needs of other language learners. He is a Mäori Language Commission-qualified interpreter and translator of Mäori.