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A New Children's Hospital - 9780170229531
Big Book

A New Children's Hospital

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170229531

Planning and designing a new hospital for children is a huge undertaking. When it was decided to build a new Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, lots of different people were involved in the process, including patients, families, staff and expects in design, architecture, engineering and construction.

The results were outstanding, and the new Royal Children's Hospital is a truly sustainable building that provides a friendly and welcoming environment for all who enter its doors. As one student said, 'If I ever have to go to hospital, I want to go there!'


Part One: The Royal Children's Hospital
Chapter One: A Huge Hospital Community
Chapter Two: A Royal Children's Hospital Foundation (Information Report)

Part Two: Designing a New Hospital
Chapter Three: A Shared Vision for Design
Chapter Four: Australia's Greenest Paediatric Hospital (Explanation)
Chapter Five: Wayfinding Around the Hospital
Chapter Six: A Wayfinding Sculpture (Response)
Chapter Seven: The Sky Garden's Massive Mobiles
Chapter Eight: Inside the Patient Rooms and Wards
Chapter Nine: The New Hospital Is Finished

Part Three: Entertaining, Educating and Supporting
Chapter Ten: Entertaining Everyone
Chapter Eleven: Educating Patients
Chapter Twelve: Supporting Parents and Carers
Chapter Thirteen: Hospital Services


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