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Achievement English @ Year 11 Teacher's Resource CD

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780170197526

This new edition of Achievement English @ Year 11 is an integrated student textbook-workbook that is designed for effective learning to prepare you for all your NCEA Level 1 English assessments.

Our intention is to help you expand on the skills you have learnt in Years 9 and 10, rather than focusing on assessing you constantly. You will find that each part of your classroom study will be expanded on and enhanced by using material in this personal workbook.

This TEACHER'S RESOURCE contains suggested answers for all questions.


Provides you with an overview of the year's work

Supplements your school work with additional teaching notes, examples and practise examples

Allows you to self-moderate through model answers

Helps you to be self-motivated

Provides you with write-on opportunities for easy practice

Provides a comprehensive revision programme for external assessments

Helps parents follow your progress


By | ISBN-13: 9780170244220
This book provides an overview of the year’s work required for students to be successful in NCEA English Level 1. It supplements their schoolwork by giving clear, concise notes on terminology along with teaching notes, examples and practice exercises. The book has a strong focus on developing close reading skills, while providing exercises and models for students to improve their essay writing skills. Formative, creative and formal writing are also covered. The book builds a useful revision resource to study from for external assessments.
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