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Advanced Mathematics Mechanics

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780007429059

Employ relevant contexts from everyday life to give your students a new interpretation of Mechanics. Ensure interest and strengthened learning through new modelling techniques, whilst consolidating knowledge with full A-level exam questions. Filled with A Level content and practice.


Build confidence through hundreds of questions at the right level.

Ensure students are fully prepared for their exams with extensive practice exercises, worked examples and full A-level examination questions

Make Mechanics relevant and useful through new applications and modelling techniques from balancing birds to designing a cycle track.

Promote understanding through consolidation exercises at the end of each topic.

Educate your students in new technology, integrated within the course.

Challenge and broaden your students’ minds with new interpretations of traditional topics in Mechanics, from building a cradle to bungee jumping.


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