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AQA GCSE Physics Student Book

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9781444120783

For high-achieving students who want the very best grades, this student book for GCSE Physics contains a wide range of practical activities to support different teaching and learning styles, as well as exciting real science examples to enthuse students to implement their practical science skills in their lessons and controlled assessment tasks.

Written by an experienced teacher and senior examiner with specific AQA GCSE Science expertise, there are 'Boost your grade' boxes and 'Test yourself' questions to support A* candidates, ensuring they have the right knowledge and proficiency to get top marks in the new AQA GCSE course.

The student book is supported by Dynamic Learning resources.


Physics 1
1 Energy transfer by heating processes
2 Energy and efficiency
3 Generating and using electricity
4 Using waves
Exam questions

Physics 2
5 Forces and their effects
6 Work, energy, power and momentum
7 Using electricity
8 The atom and radioactivity
Exam questions

Physics 3
9 Medical applications of physics
10 Using physics to make things work
11 Keeping things moving
Exam questions


Graham Hill is author of a bestselling A level chemistry textbook and numerous GCSE Chemistry and dual award textbooks. Graham taught for over 30 years and held various appointments as Head of Chemistry and Head of Science. During his teaching career, Graham held secondments as Senior Fellow to the Salter’s project at the University of York and as Chairman of the ASE.


Packed with 'Test yourself' questions to identify areas where students need to consolidate learning

Exciting practical work activities to engage and focus high-achieving students

'Exam Corner' feature to help students practise what they have learnt and boost grades

'How Science Works' material clearly identified throughout the books helping students to develop the skills required for Controlled Assessment