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AQA Medicine and Health Through Time

Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780340986714

SHP AQA Medicine and Health, is a new course book for students taking the AQA Medicine development study. It covers all the relevant requirements of the AQA specification but delivers them in the context of a motivating, enquiry led approach to ensure that your courses are interesting and motivating to teach yet still deliver good results for your students.

At every relevant stage through the book there are 'ExamBuster' features ('Meet the Examiner' and 'Smarter Revision') that help blend exam preparation with historical learning so that by the end of the course students understand not only the period and its issues but also how they will be expected to think and write about this for the examination. What does this mean in practice?


Section 1: the big picture
Section 2: Why was Ancient Medicine so important when they didn’t even know what made people sick?
Section 3: Why didn’t medicine improve during the Middle Ages?
Section 4: Why was the Medical Renaissance important when it didn’t make anyone healthier?
Section 5: Medicine in 1800: on the brink of progress
Section 6: Fighting disease after 1800 – which medical hero deserves the statue of honour?
Section 7: Public Health after 1800 - When did it finally improve – and why?
Section 8: Surgery after 1800 - Why has there been such a revolution in surgery – and why was there opposition at first?
Section 9: Is Florence Nightingale the only woman in medicine worth remembering?
Section 10: Conclusion and overview of themes, periods, factors and individuals


Meet the Examiner spreads show students how to tackle the specific types of questions in the awarding body’s examinations. AQA examiners and markers have been involved from the outset in planning and checking this course.

Smarter Revision units, built up from the beginning of the book, enable students to build their learning from the outset, using a range of techniques such as Memory Maps (recording key features of each period), Living Graphs (recording the development of themes across time), Role of Individual Charts, Concept maps (for charting the inter-play of factors), Road maps, Digital Camera revision activities etc.

A strong sense of overview using Medical Moments in Time spreads showing key medical features of 200AD, 1348, 1665, 1848 and 1935.

A strong visual design, increasing the accessibility of the material.