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Bersama-sama Senior Teacher Resource Book - 9780170106504
280 Pages

Bersama-sama Senior Teacher Resource Book

By | Copyright Year:2004 | ISBN-13: 9780170106504

Bersama-sama Senior does not presuppose use of Bersama-sama 1 or Bersama-sama 2, although it builds on and complements the other books in the series.

The Bersama-sama Senior package comprises a Student Book, Workbook, Audio CDs and Teacher Resource plus a Bonus Grammar Booklet with every Student Book.


Packed with additional texts, activities and tailored outcomes

Quick Reference Grid cross-linking topics and outcomes

Special notes addressing language, culture or content issues

Additional listening materials

Conventions and style guide for text types

Guide to using a dictionary

Targeted grammar drills

Practice exams

Assessment tasks

Transcripts of all audio materials

Solutions to Workbook exercises

280 pages