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Bersama-sama Senior Teacher Resource Book - 9780170106504
280 Pages

Bersama-sama Senior Teacher Resource Book

By | Copyright Year:2004 | ISBN-13: 9780170106504

The Bersama-sama Senior Teacher Resource Book is designed to support teachers by explaining the thinking and pedagogy behind the content in the Student Book and Workbook. This tool will save teachers’ time and offer in-depth information to those less experienced or new to the series.

Bersama-sama Senior does not presuppose use of Bersama-sama 1 or Bersama-sama 2, although it builds on and complements the other books in the series.


Packed with additional texts, activities and tailored outcomes

Quick Reference Grid cross-linking topics and outcomes

Special notes addressing language, culture or content issues

Additional listening materials

Conventions and style guide for text types

Guide to using a dictionary

Targeted grammar drills

Practice exams

Assessment tasks

Transcripts of all audio materials

Solutions to Workbook exercises

280 pages


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