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Collins Cambridge IGCSE Geography Student Book 3rd Edition

By | Copyright Year:2018 | ISBN-13: 9780008260156

• Written in partnership with the UK Geographical Association by highly experienced geography teachers
• Fully updated to cover the Cambridge IGCSE® Geography (0460) syllabus and Cambridge O-Level syllabus (2217)
• In-depth content presented in a clear and easily accessible format
• Covers the Cambridge IGCSE® Geography (0460) syllabus, as well as the Cambridge O-Level syllabus (2217), both for first teaching in 2018 and first examination in 2020
• Explores the core themes and skills of the 0460/2217 syllabuses in the context of global case studies and processes
• Full coverage of the core themes of Paper 1 (Population and Settlement, The Natural Environment, Economic Development and the Use of Resources) as well as the geographical and fieldwork skills elements of Papers 2, 3 and 4
• Exam-style questions, answers at different levels and accompanying comments.



World map: locations of case studies

Section 1: Population and settlement
1.1 Population dynamics
1.2 Migration
1.3 Population structure
1.4 Population density and distribution
1.5 Settlements and service provision
1.6 Urban settlements
1.7 Urbanisation

Section 2: The natural environment
2.1 Earthquakes and volcanoes
2.2 Rivers
2.3 Coasts
2.4 Weather
2.5 Climate and natural vegetation

Section 3: Economic development
3.1 Development
3.2 Food production
3.3 Industry
3.4 Tourism
3.5 Energy
3.6 Water
3.7 Environmental risks of economic development

Section 4: Geographical skills
4.1 Map skills
4.2 Using maps
4.3 Graphing and mapping numerical data
4.4 Using illustrations
4.5 Fieldwork skills
4.6 GIS and satellite images

Section 5: Exam preparation
5.1 Geographical themes
5.2 Geographical skills
5.3 Coursework
5.4 The alternative to coursework examination



Jack Gillett is a former teacher and experienced author.

Meg Gillett is an experienced author and geography teacher.


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