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Commerce in Action Book 2 Teacher Resource CD-ROM - 9780074714157
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Commerce in Action Book 2 Teacher Resource CD-ROM

By | Copyright Year:2006 | ISBN-13: 9780074714157

The Commerce in Action Teacher Resource CD-ROM completes the package for the Commerce in Action series by providing coverage of all remaining option topics for the new Stage 5 Commerce syllabus, along with a range of comprehensive resources to support Commerce in Action Book 2 student text.

Teaching resources:
• Teaching program for each topic
• Pre-learning tasks
• Core topic review exams
• Multiple choice questions
• BLM worksheets
• Plus many more resources!

Additional options:
• Global Links
• Political Involvement
• Law in Action
• Our Economy
• Community Participation


The Teacher's Resource CD-ROM addresses all options not covered in the text - Global Links, Political Involvement, Law in Action, Our Economy, Community Participation

Teaching program

Pre-learning tasks

Topic revision tests

Core review exam

Marking guidelines and criteria

BLM worksheets