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esplora! Level 2: Student Book

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170135528

This ground breaking new series is a collaboration between Prof Joseph Lo Bianco and Nelson and models best-practice intercultural language teaching.

Esplora! 2 is a crime thriller involving Laura, an Australian girl on work experience in Florence who must solve the mystery of a missing artefact in order to prove her own innocence.

The text is divided into 16 units and covers two years of study.

The Student Book features useful learning aids:
• Contexts in English
• Glossaries of key vocabulary, expressions and grammatical structures
• True or false questions in Italian
• Riflettiamo: questions in English about socio-cultural & linguistic issues that can be used to prompt whole class discussion
• Esercitazione: structured drills that address multiple intelligences
• Attività: activities that are broader in scope than the esercitazioni
• Blocknotes: learning tips

A defining feature which sets Esplora! 2 apart from other texts is the integration of ICT elements.
- Esplora! online
• Includes activities that recycle and consolidate vocabulary and grammar from the Student Book.
• Also includes clip art, website links to relevant sites the esplora! mobile phone game to play on your computer, and the speaking wordfinder
• Interactive whiteboard friendly.

- Esplora! podcasts
• Vocabulary lists organised by unit
• Audio from the Puntata or audio stories.



The action unfolds as a series of puntate, or cartoon episopdes. Each episode contains clues embedded in SMS messages, video clips, blogs and other text-types
In order to access the website activities, students must find the password hidden in the cartoon illustrations
Glossary of key Italian- English vocabulary from cartoon episode.


Highlights and develops the new structures and linguistic features introduced in the Puntata
Students listen to and repeat a scripted dialogue before writing and performing their own based on a suggested scenario.


This brings to life the structures presented in Attività through real scenarios or speech acts
A controlled amount of new vocabulary and expressions are introduced
Each scenario is linked to a video clip that models different responses.


This magazine-style spread showcases socio-cultural information through photographs, links to 3D virtual tours and quizzes
Every esplora@mag has ideas for class projects and assessments and features a competition to decide who is the Esperto d'italiano (Italian expert).


Explanations of the grammar presented in the chapter


Alphabetical lists of vocabulary from each chapter

The pages are interspersed with Riflettiamo boxes that are intercultural reflection boxes to lead students to use their creativity, thinking skills and make multiple connections between their language and culture and Italy.


Margherita Ghezzi is a highly experienced teacher of Italian and Languages publisher, who designed and commissioned the first edition of Parliamo italiano insieme level 1. She currently coordinates initial teacher education degrees for a range of online universities. Margherita was also part of the Australian Curriculum: Italian writing team.


The story unfolds as a series of episodes

New structures and linguistic features are clearly modelled

Scenarios are used to model speech acts or language in action

Video clips bring the scenarios to life and show different outcomes based on language chosen

Magazine-style spreads showcase socio-cultural information through photographs, links to 3D virtual tours & quizzes

Grammar and vocabulary summary at the end of every chapter