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Esplora! Senior: Teacher Audio CDs

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170135733

The Audio CD pack contains more than five hours of material recorded by native Italian speakers. They contain listening material from the Student Book as well as listening comprehension activities from the Ascolta section of the Workbook. High-quality audio is a feature of this series. Language is modelled by native speakers with apropriate intonation and speed.


All recorded text from the Student Book.
All the listening tasks in the Workbook.


Matthew Absalom is an associate lecturer in Italian Studies at the University of Melbourne. His research interests include linguistics (phonological theory and dialectology) and teaching and learning in higher education (including studying abroad, educational technology and internationalisation of the curriculum).

Sandra Morello is an experienced secondary school teacher. At present, she teaches VCE Italian at St Joseph’s Catholic College, in North Melbourne. In 2007, she was a winner of the Endeavour Fellowship and spent time studying in Italy.


The audio CD pack contains more than 5 hours of material recorded by native speakers, and it’s sold in a durable DVD case.