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Esplora! Senior: Teacher Resource Pack - 9780170135740
152 Pages

Esplora! Senior: Teacher Resource Pack

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170135740

The core materials are:

Extra reading material related to chapter topics
Worksheets for the theme-based activities in the Student Book and Workbook
Worksheets for activities and tasks for the videos
Vocabulary exercises
Listening activities
Tests for each additional unit
Audio scripts of all listening exercises and tests
Transcripts for all videos
Solutions for Workbook and texts
Helpful notes on methodology, assessments and study tips.


Extra reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks related to the Student Book topics and texts
Grids that relate all the tasks from the Student Book, the Workbook, and the TRB
Unit tests
Additional listening
Transcripts of all listening tasks and activities
Solutions to the Workbook exercises
Helpful tips and notes for both teachers and students on how to achieve the highest marks at the senior LOTE exam.


Matthew Absalom is an associate lecturer in Italian Studies at the University of Melbourne. His research interests include linguistics (phonological theory and dialectology) and teaching and learning in higher education (including studying abroad, educational technology and internationalisation of the curriculum).

Sandra Morello is an experienced secondary school teacher. At present, she teaches VCE Italian at St Joseph’s Catholic College, in North Melbourne. In 2007, she was a winner of the Endeavour Fellowship and spent time studying in Italy.