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Flagship History: Britain 1783-1918

By | Copyright Year:2003 | ISBN-13: 9780007150786

Bring history to life with the best-selling Flagship History series written by a leading author team. Britain 1783 - 1918 is a revised and expanded edition of the bestselling Britain 1815-1918.

It includes historical interpretations, document source questions, explanation of difficult words and concepts and a study skills section for exam preparation.


Study and examination skills
1 William Pitt the Younger 1783-1801
2 Britain 1783 -1918: a synoptic assessment
3 The Tory Party 1815-1830
4 British Foreign Policy, 1815-1846
5 The Great Reform Act of 1832
6 The Whigs, 1833-1841
7 Sir Robert Peel and the Tory/Conservative Party, 1830-1846
8 Chartism
9 Economic change 1815-1846: the growth of railways
10 British domestic politics, 1846-1868
11 British foreign policy in the Age of Palmerston, 1846-1868
12 A mid-Victorian boom? Economic and Social history 1846-1868
13 Gladstone and the Liberal Party
14 The Conservative Party of Disraeli and Salisbury, 1868-1895
15 Foreign and imperial policy, 1868-1895
16 Social and economic change, 1868-1896
17 The era of Conservative domination and the rise of Labour, 1895-1906
18 Joseph Chamberlain and the Empire, 1895-1905
19 Britain and Ireland 1798-1921
20 Ireland and British politics, 1895-1922
21 The Liberals in power, 1905-1915
22 Britain and the origins of the First World War, 1898-1914
23 British economy and society, 1896-1914: challenged and transformed?
24 Public health and welfare 1834-1918
25 The political, social and economic impact of the First World War 1914-1918
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Raise exam results by preparing your students effectively with study aids, source-based questions and a section on study and examination skills.

Enhance engagement and achievement using a clear and easy-to-follow layout with difficult words and concepts explained in the margins.

Teach key interpretive and analytical skills with in-depth source work and content including maps, timelines and useful statistics.


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