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Flying Colours Yellow - Teacher's Guide, Levels 6-9 - 9780170113342
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Flying Colours Yellow - Teacher's Guide, Levels 6-9

By | Copyright Year:2004 | ISBN-13: 9780170113342

Flying Colours is a complete literacy program focused on oral language, reading, writing, and visual literacy. From the developers of the PM series, Flying Colours offers 200 broad-banded books to extend and challenge the student’s literacy journey.


Welcome to Flying Colours
Skills and outcomes for levels 6-8/9
Fiction and non-fiction
Visual literacy
Teachers' guides
Interactive books
Teaching units


Range of text types so students learn how to write their own texts

High-interest, appealing stories with recurring characters that immediately engage the student

Books are thematically linked to curriculum topics in social studies, health, the arts, and mathematics

Strong visual literacy support to reinforce the meaning of text

Benchmark Books for each level to help teachers assess student progress

Comprehensive Teacher Guide per level with guided reading strategies, vocabulary and comprehension activities