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Homes Afloat - 9780170229463
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Homes Afloat

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170229463

For centuries, some people around the world have chosen to make their homes in the middle of lakes, and on rivers and estuaries. Building floating communities requires ingenuity and resourcefulness - but these types of homes can provide a sustainable water and food supply, as well as great security. Animals, too, know that life afloat can be an excellent way to survive and prosper!


The Aztecs
Mexico's Floating Gardens
How the Aztecs' System of Floating Gardens and Canals Worked
An Aztec Chocolate Drink Recipe
Spanish Build a New 'Floating' City
Chinampas Survive Today
Life on Water
Centuries of Canal Boats
Canals and Locks
Floating Settlements in Asia
Floating Homes in North America
Animals Afloat


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