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In Tune With Music Book 1 CD Set

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780070277243

The leading secondary music series In Tune with Music has been updated, with a new edition of In Tune with Music Book 1 available now. With an added unit and the inclusion of extra contemporary works, In Tune with Music Book 1 has an increased focus on Australian content. Updated ancillary texts will offer you a greater level of variety to assist in planning challenging and engaging lessons. The perfect follow-on series from Listen to the Music, the new edition of In Tune with Music will excite your students and encourage their exploration of all things musical.


Ian Dorricott is a renowned Australian composer of stage musicals as well as award-winning author of school music texts, including Listen to the Music, In Tune with Music 1 and 2, and Exploring Film Music.


Series features include:

Stunning new design

New unit: ‘Pioneers of Rock’

Increased focus on Australian content, including Indigenous music, Australian rock and Australian films

Broader range of listening, performance, creative and aural activities, with aims and outcomes stated at the beginning of each unit

Score Book puts theory into musical practice with a range of scores and lyrics cross-referenced from the text

Teacher Resource Manual contains answers to all worksheets, lesson pedagogies, and arrangements