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In Tune With Music Book 3

By | Copyright Year:1991 | ISBN-13: 9780170214674

In Tune with Music Book 3 is a complete two-year senior secondary music course. It builds on knowledge already acquired and skills developed from Books 1 and 2. As in the previous texts, all areas – performance, composition/arranging, aural musicianship and knowledge about music – are all combined in a completely integrated approach.

The text contains eight varied and interesting units that provide a balance between art music and popular music. These units incorporate many different musical styles, genres and media. The units are organised to develop practical, creative, aural and other music skills. Within each unit there are several study works that are both interesting and enjoyable, and which have been chosen not only to illustrate points of musical knowledge but also introduce the major composers in the classical and popular fields. They also provide students with a wide and useful repertoire of musical compositions. Related to the study works are songs, arrangements, transcriptions or orchestrations to sing and perform.

In Tune with Music Book 3 will provide students with an understanding of music they will encounter in the years to come and build a firm foundation for further study.


Unit 1: Folk song
Unit 2: Piano music
Unit 3: Jazz
Unit 4: Vocal music
Unit 5: Rock
Unit 6: Orchestral timbres
Unit 7: Music for small groups
Unit 8: The musical


Ian Dorricott is a renowned Australian composer of stage musicals as well as award-winning author of school music texts, including Listen to the Music, In Tune with Music 1 and 2, and Exploring Film Music.


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