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Investigating Islands - 9780170229555
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Investigating Islands

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170229555

The world's oceans are full of islands - over two million of them, in fact!
From gigantic Arctic Islands with towering mountains and huge glaciers, to tiny tropical islands less than a metre above sea level, each island provides a unique environment for the plants, animals and (sometimes) humans that inhabit them.
In this book, you'll discover a wealth of information about some of the world's most fascinating islands - and you'll see why some of the people who choose to live surrounded by water are happy to call their isolated piece of land home.


Part One: A Diversity of Islands
Chapter One: Island Geology
Chapter Two: Australia versus Greenland
Chapter Three: Arctic Islands
Chapter Four: Coral Islands
Chapter Five: Artifical Islands

Part Two: Islands Around the World
Chapter Six: Australia's Islands
Chapter Seven: New Zealand's Islands
Chapter Eight: The Volcanic Easter Island (Description)

Part Three: A Sustainable Island
Chapter Nine: Welcome to King Island
Chapter Ten: Tour a Cheesemaking Dairy (Recount)
Chapter Eleven: How to Make King Island Cheddar Cheese (Procedure)
Chapter Twelve: An Annual Food Celebration
Chapter Thirteen: Kelping on King Island
Chapter Fourteen: A Unique Renewable Energy Power Project



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