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Nelson Aboriginal Studies

By | Copyright Year:2012 | ISBN-13: 9780170196284

This beautiful resource was developed by a consortium of experts, including the Aboriginal Education Council of NSW, the NSW Department of Education and Communities, and the NSW Office of the Board of Studies. Nelson Aboriginal Studies fills a gap in resources specific to the Stage 6 Aboriginal Studies Syllabus but will also be a useful standalone reference for students and teachers in other states. The book offers fresh perspectives and insights from some of the best Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars. It is designed to provide an absorbing, complex and strategically balanced understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.


John Maynard and Allison Cadzow

Colonialism, Racism and Prejudice
1 Communities’ experiences and politics: John Maynard

Aboriginality and the Land
2 Keeping a hold on country: Heather Goodall
3 Aboriginality and the land since the 1960s: Nicole Watson

Heritage and Identity
4 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities: Nicole Watson
5 To get back home, to belong: Nancy de Vries: Peter Read
6 Remembered words: Ray Kelly
7 Poetry, prose and polemics: Romaine Moreton
8 The long journey towards representing our images, our land and ourselves in Australia on film and television: Frances Peters-Little
9 You are not nothing: Contemporary NSW Aboriginal art and identity: Djon Mundine
10 A short history of the Australian Indigenous resistance 1950–1990: Gary Foley
11 Aboriginal identity: The sporting challenge: John Maynard

Social Justice and Human Rights
12 Global perspectives on social justice and human rights: Larissa Behrendt (Australia, US, Canada, NZ)
13 Health: Gordon Briscoe (Australia) & Roz Stephens (Maori, NZ)
14 Education: John Lester (Australia, Saami people of Northern Europe)
15 Housing: George Morgan (Australia) & Ashley South (Karen people of Burma/Thailand)
16 Employment: Danny Lester (Australia) & Paul Chartrand (Michif people of St Laurent, Canada)
17 Criminal justice: Allison Cadzow and Larissa Behrendt (Australia and Canada)
18 Economic independence: Kirrily Jordan & Heather Goodall (Australia, Adivasi communities of India)



Dr Allison Cadzow is an author and researcher in Aboriginal education.

Prof. John Maynard (Worimi) Director of Wollotuka, University of Newcastle.

Prof. Heather Goodall is Professor of History in the School of Social Inquiry at UTS.

Nicole Watson (Birri Gubba) is a solicitor, MA Laws QUT, and is currently completing her PhD at ANU.

Prof. Peter Read is Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Sydney.

Gary Foley (Gumbainggir) is completing his PhD in Aboriginal history and lectures at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Romaine Moreton (Goernpil and Bundjalung) is a writer of poetry, prose and film.

Djon Mundine (Bundjalung) is a renowned curator, activist and writer.

Roz Stephens is an educator and ESL teacher from New Zealand, who has worked in Maori Health.


Useful across the HSC curriculum, with topic crossovers in Legal Studies, Society and Culture, English, Drama, Geography and History

Can also be used in TAFE and university Aboriginal Studies courses, and in other states

The final section has overseas comparisons, which teachers and students find challenging at present; it places Australia in an international context

Contains analysis and fresh research insights on areas which in the past have not been adequately covered

Presents a range of perspectives providing impressive scope and depth of coverage. The structure of the text illustrates the diversity of Aboriginal perspectives.


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