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Obento Deluxe Teacher Resource Pack

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170120050

The teacher resource material comprises a printed book of BLMs as well as a CD-ROM component. It includes:

Teacher Notes

- an introduction to the course, its components and the methodology, including suggested presentation and teaching techniques
- an explanation of how Obento Deluxe can be used to support the Yoroshiku National Curriculum Guidelines for Japanese
- detailed teacher notes for each unit, with suggested warm-up
and follow-up activities
- audio transcripts and solutions to all workbook tasks
- information on assessing and reporting students' progress.

Blackline Masters

- flashcard images
- speaking activities
- extension work
- cultural activities
- game boards
- extra stroke order practice
- tests
- cartoon story BLMs


The TRP provides a variety of BLMs, an introduction to the course, an explanation of how to use it, detailed suggestion notes for each unit, transcripts, solutions and assessing and reporting students’ progress information, plus a CD-ROM at the back with unit tests listening and PDFs.


Sue has authored a number of published works, including the Obento Snack Pack and Deluxe series. Sue has vast experience in teaching, writing and presenting Japanese language learning material. Sue currently teaches Japanese at St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill in Sydney. Sue has previously managed The Nihongo Tanken Centre and she has also lectured in Languages Education at the University of Technology, Sydney and Sydney University.

Kyoko is an experienced Japanese teacher of long standing. Over a period of two decades she has taught the Japanese language to primary and secondary students, including mature age students. Kyoko currently teaches at Santa Sabina College, Sydney, NSW and has extensive experience as Senior Marker, Supervisor of Marking and as a judge of HSC NSW. She has served as a committee member and presenter for the Japanese Teachers' Association, JTAN, has completed a Masters in Education, and has qualifications in NAAFTI Japanese translation and interpreting. Before her teaching career, Kyoko was an editor of children's educational books in Japan and her extensive educational experience has been invaluable in her role as co-author of both the Obento Deluxe and Supreme series.

Peter is currently Manager, Standards Development at the School Curriculum and Standards Authority in Western Australia, and is an experienced author and teacher of Japanese at the secondary level. He has worked on creating many innovative resources for Japanese language learning, including Japanese textbooks, national and state curricula, online resources and several Japanese series aired on television. Peter's love and fascination with obento led him to see how the many parts of a well-balanced Japanese course could be connected in a uniquely Japanese package, which led him to develop the concept for this series. In his spare time, Peter is often seen at IKEA and builds small boats to sail round the Pacific.


The Teacher Resource Pack provides a variety of blackline masters; an introduction to the course; an explanation of how it can be used; detailed teacher notes for each unit; audio transcripts; solutions; and information on assessing and reporting students' progress. The pack also contains 12 A1 full-colour posters.