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PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resource 1 with USB - 9780170439312
16 Pages

PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resource 1 with USB

Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170439312

The PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resources have been specifically designed to explicitly assess students’ instructional and independent reading levels using unseen, meaningful texts.

By providing accurately levelled fiction and non-fiction texts ranging progressively from emergent levels to reading age 12, teachers are able to rigorously access students’ fluency and retelling strategies while determining their comprehension within and beyond the text.

Each PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resource consists of:
- 46 texts - fiction and non-fiction, from Levels 1-30
- a Teachers' Resource Book
- a Student Record for each text
- a USB containing printable student records
- a product overview, Modelled Assessments and Professional Development video