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PM Finger Poems & Verses Big Book - 9780170228503
Big Book
32 Pages

PM Finger Poems & Verses Big Book

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170228503

Children will love reciting and performing the finger poems & verses in the PM Oral Literacy Finger Poems and Verses Big Book and online software. This beautiful full-colour big book includes well-known and loved poems and rhymes such as 'Incy, Wincy Spider', 'My Puppy', 'Five Little Monkeys' and many more.

Singing and reciting poems and verses is one of the important first steps in developing the oral literacy skills of young children. Poems and verses provide opportunities for children to hear the sounds of language in a rhythmical way while enhancing their phonemic awareness, understanding of patterns and exposing them to new words.

The PM Finger Poems and Verses online software includes audio so children can listen and recite or sing along to their favourite poem. A bonus feature is the subtitled videos that show children performing the actions of each poem in the classroom. Teachers and children can watch the video to see the actions and then listen to the audio using the online software.


Poems About Me
Ten Little Fingers
I Wiggle My Fingers
My Hands
My House
My Puppy

Poems About Animals
Incy Wincy Spider
The Snowman and the Bunny
The Fuzzy Caterpillar
The Little Turtle
An Elephant

Poems About Numbers
A Beehive
Five Little Monkeys
Five Little Speckled Frogs

Poems About Vehicles
The Train
Shiny Little Aeroplanes
Riding our Scooters


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