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PM Writing 3 Student Book - 9780170132763
Student Book
48 Pages

PM Writing 3 Student Book

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170132763

PM Writing has been specifically developed for use in the early years of schooling. The PM Writing Student Books provide students with opportunities to apply their developing knowledge of the text structure and language features of specific text types, during whole-class, small-group or individual writing sessions.

The Student Books reinforce the knowledge and skills taught in the Exemplars for Teaching Writing and the Levelled Exemplar Texts, supporting students as they move towards writing the key text types independently.

Student Book 3 contains
• an assessment for learning section, comprising pre-assessment for learning section, comprising per-assessment tasks that teachers can use to gather pre-assessment data to gauge students’ readiness to complete initial tasks or move forward with the program.
• text type writing scaffolds for the four text types explicitly taught in the early years of schooling – Recount, Description, Information Report and Narrative. These writing scaffolds support students through the stages of planning & drafting, revising, editing and publishing helping them to write with success.
• activity pages designed to consolidate and extend students’ knowledge of the text structure and the language features of each key text type.


An introduction to the PM Student Book
Assessment for Learning
Recount Activity Pages
Description Activity Pages
Information Report Activity Pages
Narrative Activity Pages
Procedure Activity Pages
Exposition Activity Pages
Explanation Activity pages
Discussion Activity pages


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