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Primo 2 Workbook

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780170180658

Primo 2 is a mini course for Secondary students from year 7 to year 9. Its main features are:
• It is targeted to secondary students in term of topics, language and activities
• It has a focus on technology which is apparent in the “avatars”, the main characters of the course
• It contains all the material necessary to promote language acquisition, according to the learning sequence: input texts-comprehension-activities and exercises-grammatical reflection and student output
• It draws students into the study of the Italian language and culture slowly through topics that are liked by adolescents like: music; food; social outings, etc
• It contains activities and suggestion for intercultural knowledge
• It includes many different text types, e.g. informal letter; text message; phone call, etc


1. My friends
2. My space
3. Hanging about…
4. I’m hungry!
5. Listening to music
6. Going shopping, going surfing


Viviana Golding was born and brought up in Padova, in the North East of Italy, where she completed a Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures. Before moving to Australia, she travelled extensively and lived and worked in many European countries, including Germany, Austria and Great Britain, while at the same time collecting materials on second/additional language acquisition. In Victoria, Viviana completed a DipEd in LOTE and ESL and spent 23 years teaching Italian and ESL in many schools and at all levels, from prep to VCE to tertiary level. In 2005 Viviana was employed by CoAsIt as the Italian Network Leader for the BSW Region and under her leadership the teaching and learning of Italian in the Region reached new heights. For her work in this role as well as her Italian Program at Highton PS, a program recognised in Australia for its excellence, Viviana was awarded the Best National Achievement in Australia for Leadership in Education, by the Australian Government, in 2007. At present Viviana is one of the LOTE Consultants for the Department of Education and Childhood Development and is gathering materials for her PhD in linguistics.


The Workbooks are affordable and fun

The Workbooks work interactively with the Teacher’s CD-ROM and book

The CD-ROMs are jam packed with video clips done in Italy, fun videos with vocabulary and language building skits

The Workbooks contain listening activities with many narrations of grammar points, to make them accessible and easy

The Workbooks include many songs with scripts to sing along