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Reader's Theatre: The Roman Coin and Wa Sugoi, Yuki - 9780170258173
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48 Pages

Reader's Theatre: The Roman Coin and Wa Sugoi, Yuki

Copyright Year:2014 | ISBN-13: 9780170258173

The PM Reader’s Theatre titles allow students to dramatise some of their favourite PM stories, along with some brand new ones!
A slightly more advanced version of the PM Little Plays (levels 6-14), the PM Readers Theatre comprises 30 texts.
PM Reader’s Theatre plays do not involve the use of props – all action is conveyed in the dialogue. This allows students to explore characterisation and understanding of a story, as they develop the oral literacy skills of voice projection and speaking clearly and expressively.


At Consolidating level, five of the 10 texts comprise two plays

At Extending level, all 10 texts comprise two plays – all of which are brand new PM stories. A range of genres are featured – history, adventure, humour, science-fiction and detective stories – specifically designed to appeal to 10- to 12-year-old students.