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Senior Media Year 11-13: NCEA Level 1-3 - 9780170195966
408 Pages

Senior Media Year 11-13: NCEA Level 1-3

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780170195966

Senior Media is an exciting, new textbook that provides a foundation for all major concepts within the subject of Media Studies and has been written with the NCEA standards in mind. As there are many links between the standards and a natural progression through levels 1 - 3, chapters in this text are based around the key concepts rather than the standards themselves Senior Media is rich with student activities and practical assessment advice.


Chapter 1 Welcome to NCEA Media Studies
How to use this book
Beginning media studies: concepts for thinking about the media

Chapter 2 Representation
What is ‘real’?
Representation and reality
Codes and conventions
The construction of representations
Photographic representation
Representation in news and current affairs
Representation in documentary forms
From docusoaps to reality TV

Chapter 3 Technologies of Representation
Technology to the max
Time-based and object-based media technologies
Choose technologies for effect
Cheap technology vs expensive technology
Representing the dream
When seeing is not believing: representation through sound
Virtual differences: changing representations on the World Wide Web
A lasting tribute to your study of representation

Chapter 4 Narrative
What is narrative?
Beginning your study of narrative
Narrative structures
Story elements
Production elements
Products values
Audience and the viewing context
TV narrative
About sound
Narrative is dead, long live the narrative

Chapter 5 Social Values
The relationship between the media and society
What is a value?
Values in media texts
Representations of social values
Support and/or challenging social values
Codes, conventions, story and production elements
If everything represents a social value, then how do I analyse anything?
Social values in advertising
The social values of situation comedies
Hmmm: social values in news and current affairs
Lifestyle and reality media: the ultimate social values package

Chapter 6 Media Production
Media production is a process
Audiovisual productions
Web design
Media issues and developments
International stories: the format phenomenon
Digital media ethics
Sport and the media
Working your way up in the media

Chapter 7 Media Production Skills
Beginning the process
Equipment and applications
Media processes
Things to remember
The ‘look’: aesthetic qualities of media forms
Anticipating and avoiding common faults
Teach yourself
The media production design process


Jo Flack has taught Media in Victorian schools for many years. She was a member of the VCE Media Study Design accreditation committee which designed the new course. Jo currently teaches Units 1-4 VCE Media and is State Reviewer, an examination marker and chairs the selection panel for Top Designs.


Stylish full-colour design to engage students.

A wealth of student activities: individual, small group and whole class.

The most up-to-date information and examples.

A challenging and comprehensive coverage of the Study Design.

The Nelson Media website includes technology updates, information sheets, articles, web links, photocopiable masters, a bibliography/filmography and sample student work, and is available to schools that have adopted the text as their core text.


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