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Social Studies Skills Book 2 Teacher Guide CD

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170239721

The teacher guide is a full colour resource. It conatins complete answers overlaid on the actual pages of Social Studies Skills Book 2.


1 Understanding documents
2 Interpreting official documents
3 Interpreting images
4 Recognising violations
5 Recognising discrimination
6 Understanding group decisions and impacts
7 Where terrorism fits with human rights
8 Interpreting logos
9 Linking business and human rights
10 Teamwork in action
11 How public opinion polls work
12 Awareness of entrepreneurship and enterprise
13 Appreciating Kiwi ingenuity
14 Looking at the future
15 Examining resources
16 Examining statistical data
17 How to create captions
18 Honing graph skills
19 Revising tables and visuals
20 Understanding future problem-solving
21 Defining Pacific Rim and Pacific Basin
22 Revising acronyms and country codes
23 Understanding globalisation
24 Recognising culture in action
25 Keeping up with the growth of sustainability
26 Linking resources with sustainability
27 Practising multi-choice and sentence answers
28 Making sense of headlines
29 Appreciating cartoons
30 Considering youth issues
31 Reviewing your Treaty understanding
32 Committing to a process
33 Thinking about conflict
34 Responding to war resources


Ruth Naumann is an experienced Social Studies teacher and the author of numerous social studies publications.


By | ISBN-13: 9780170230773
These cost-effective, innovative, full colour Social Studies workbooks are designed to be used for homework, revision or class-work in New Zealand Social Studies classes. Skills units are self-contained and can be approached in any order, examples: analysing maps, cartoons, photos; making flow charts, timelines, problem-solving, paragraph writing, multi-choice questions, visual information, perspective etc. Settings are widely used in New Zealand schools, examples: Human Rights, Our Economy, Kiwiana, Multiculturalism, Waitangi Day, Environmental Disasters etc.
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