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TCM Reader Early Fiction and Non Fiction Pack x28 Titles - 9781493852147
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TCM Reader Early Fiction and Non Fiction Pack x28 Titles

By | Copyright Year:2015 | ISBN-13: 9781493852147

The Early pack in the Take-Home Readers range is designed for independent reading, stimulating student interest and enriching their vocabulary. The engaging stories, age-appropriate topics and colourful, vibrant illustrations ensure young readers develop their love of reading.

The 30 titles range from Reading Age 5.8 to 6.6 and include the following titles:
• A Bee's Life
• A Butterfly's Life
• A Frog's Life
• I Am So Beautiful
• My Life as a Bee
• This Is My Story by Frederick G. Frog
• Going Buggy!
• Life at the Top
• Maya Monkey
• Ready, Set, Go!
• Sea Life
• Things with Wings
• Make a Chinese New Year Dragon
• Make a Gingerbread Man
• The Bears' Story by Baldwin B. Bear
• The Princess and the Pea
• What Can You See?
• Boris Keeps Fit
• Eating Right
• It's Good Enough to Eat!
• Keeping Fit with Sports
• Safari Camp
• Staying Healthy
• Anna Goes to Zambia
• Homes Around the World
• Kids Around the World
• Places Around the World
• Speak Up!


The Early pack contains 28 titles from reading age 5.8 to 6.6 (level 8 to 16)