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TCM Reader Extending Fiction Pack x30 Titles - 9781425840754
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TCM Reader Extending Fiction Pack x30 Titles

Copyright Year:2017 | ISBN-13: 9781425840754

The Extending pack in the Take-Home Readers range is designed for independent reading, stimulating student interest and enriching their vocabulary.

The 30 titles range from Reading Age 8.0 to 9.0 and include the following titles:
• Cat-astrophe at the Opera
• How to Survive in the Jungle
• Queen Serena. Reading Age
• Around the World in Twenty-Eight Pages
• Coyote: A Trickster Tale
• Felix and His Flying Machine
• Flabbergaster
• Race to the Moon
• So Many Henrys
• The Adventures of Kingii the Frilled Lizard
• The Bremen Town Musicians
• The Zoo and You. Reading Age
• Sam the Incredible Inventor
• The Curious Café
• Wilde and Oscar
• Hot Springs and Brown Bears
• Pipeline News
• Tiddalick the Greedy Frog
• A Bright New Day
• Cleopatra's Report
• Five Cents Worth
• Red Goes Green
• Space Ace
• The Marshmallow Man
• A Baseball Giant
• Sinbad the Sailor
• The Boy Who Cried Wolf
• The Dream Team
• The Lovely One
• The Mystery of the Grand Bazaar.