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The Kids' Guide to Government - 9780170229548
Big Book

The Kids' Guide to Government

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170229548

Governments provide and manage essential services for the public, and have the power to make laws. They determine how their country will interact with other countries around the world. For the people who work to govern a country, that is a huge responsibility. This book looks at some different kinds of governments,and also the way governments work in modern democracies, like Australia and New Zealand. It's interesting to discover that the real responsibility for how we are governed lies not only with prime ministers, monarchs and politicians, but with everyday people who have a very powerful tool at their fingertips - the right to vote.


Part One: Get Into Government
Chapter One: What Does Government Mean?
Chapter Two: Choosing a Government
Chapter Three: Protesting for the Right to Vote (Narrative)
Chapter Four: Does Royalty Reign or Rule?
Chapter Five: Australia's Youngest Member of Parliament

Part Two: How Government Works
Chapter Six: Services, Taxes and Laws (Exposition on pages 16-17)
Chapter Seven: Political Cartoons Depict Government
Chapter Eight: Government Aid for People in Need (Discussion on pages 22-23)

Part Three: Canberra - A City for Government
Chapter Nine: Canberra Before Parliament
Chapter Ten: Old Parliament House
Chapter Eleven: Architects of Australian Parliament House
Chapter Twelve: A Tour of Australian Parliament House



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