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The Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy Teacher Resource Pack

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9781844893003

A complete teacher resource on the poet laureate. Extensively researched, photocopiable material that can be used as the basis of delivering lessons, for student research and preparation, for follow-up homework, or as cover work in the case of teacher absence. Includes a free CD with the text of the pack.


1 The life and works of Carol Ann Duffy
2 The World’s Wife
3 The 1960s
4 Thatcherism
5 Feminism
(Note: the asterisked titles appear in both Selected Poems and The World’s Wife.)
1 ‘Comprehensive’
2 ‘Education for Leisure’
3 ‘A Healthy Meal’
4 ‘Model Village’
5 ‘Psychopath’
6 ‘Selling Manhattan’
7 ‘Big Sue and Now, Voyager’
8 ‘Weasel Words’
9 ‘River’
10 ‘In Your Mind’
11 ‘The Captain of the 1964 Top of the Form Team’
12 ‘Litany’
13 ‘Stafford Afternoons’
14 ‘Mrs Midas’*
15 ‘Mrs Aesop’*
16 ‘Queen Kong’*
17 ‘Circe’
18 ‘The Kray Sisters’
19 ‘Elvis’s Twin Sister’
20 Themes
21 Duffy’s language
22 Images and motifs
Assessment focus
1 Specifications and objectives
2 Essay questions
3 Sample questions with notes
1 Notes on the poems
2 Visuals
3 Literary terms and concepts
4 Historical and mythological characters
5 ‘The power of words’ by Bernard O’Keeffe
6 ‘Exploring many senses’ by Jill Swale
7 Further study


Photocopiable resources to save the busy literature teacher hours of preparation time

Provide an invaluable source of thoroughly researched material

Create opportunties for a more student-centered learning appro

Improve and enhance student knowledge and appreciation of set texts

Provide a solution to specialist staff absence