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The Spirit of Change: America in Revolution - 9780074714102
208 Pages

The Spirit of Change: America in Revolution

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780074714102

This text examines the story of an event that changed the world: the American Revolution. A detailed narrative takes students through the key events of the revolutionary period and introduces them to the major ideas, movements and leaders of the period. The text is supported by a broad range of sources and images of the period.


1. Native North America
2. European expoloration, settlement and conflict 1492-1754
3. Pre-revolutionary society in the mid-18th century
4. Rising tensions 1760-1773
5. Taking sides 1774-1776
6. The Revolutionary War 1776-1783
7. Creating a nation 1783-1789


John Cantwell is Deputy Head of Senior School at Haileybury College. He is a very experienced and well respected author who’s been an active participant in the history community for more than two decades, authoring and contributing to a range of student books from Junior to Senior level. John has also authored various publications for history associations around Australia and has been an active presence at history conferences and in teacher professional development for many years.


Detailed coverage of the topic allows students to study key themes and issues in depth

Extensive and varied primary and secondary source material to encourage analytical and interpretive skills

Biographies of all the key personalities of the period

Stimulating visual reference material to complement the text and source documents

Activities and reflection questions at the end of each chapter for prompt analysis.


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