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Treaty of Waitangi Skills Teacher's Resource CD

By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170373678

Treaty of Waitangi Skills focuses on the past, present and future aspects of the treaty but from a Skills perspective.


1. Treaty Fatigue
2. What a treaty is
3. Geographic
4. Cultural and historical heritage
5. T Tii marae
6. Reasons Britain created the Treaty
7. Context
8. Two important days
9. Texts
10. Perspectives
11. Symbols
12. Early flags
13. Different systems of government
14. Setting up British Government
15. Historic images
16. Sources
17. The Wairau Affair
18. Land as a resource
19. The Native Land Court
20. Ratana
21. Raupatu – confiscation
22. Waitangi Tribunal – Te Ropu Whakamana
23. Treaty settlements
24. Further perspectives on Treaty settlements
25. Treaty principles – Nga Matapona o Te Tiriti
26. Ngati Hineuru
27. An example of co-management
28. Archives
29. Seeking human rights
30. Treaty in government
31. Laws
32. Immigration
33. Biculturism
34. Multicultural society
35. Waitangi Day
36. Special day or not?
37. The Treaty in nursing practice
38. Water resources
39. Perceived privilege
40. The United Nations
41. Fisheries
42. Foreshore and seabed
The future


Ruth Naumann is an experienced Social Studies teacher and the author of numerous social studies publications.


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By | ISBN-13: 9780170368124
Treaty of Waitangi Skills focuses on the past, present and future aspects of the treaty but from a Skills perspective. For example: • Understanding what a treaty is • Analysing historic paintings • Describing different perspectives such as clashes between two cultures • Interpreting official documents • Explaining what a tribunal does • Comparing such as some of the Treaty settlements • Examining resources such as cartoons • Evaluating the importance of national monuments such as the Treaty House • Drawing conclusions such as the creation of the Treaty Principles of today • Allocating relevance such as the Treaty in society today • Thinking about the future such as the place of the Treaty in NZ society in the future • Enlarging ideas such as the Treaty on the international stage.
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