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Bersama-sama selalu Student Book and Workbook with DVD

By | Copyright Year:2007 | ISBN-13: 9780170130684

Our team of highly experienced authors, Victoria Taylor and Anna Day, have created a revised and updated edition of Bersama-sama 2 for Years 9 - 10.

Bersama-sama Selalu provides a seamless transition from Bersama-sama Lagi and flexible pathways catering for all learners. Bersama-sama Selalu fully prepares students intending to study senior Indonesian.

Bersama-sama Selalu is a Student Book and Workbook all in one. It covers teenage-relevant themes which focus on family life, school, community, and the world. Set in Indonesia, students are introduced to eight Indonesian teenagers from a diversity of backgrounds. The text encourages students to consider their life experiences, give their own views, and use and apply their knowledge to incorporate other areas of the curriculum.


The 8 units broadly focus on:

- Home/Family/Lifestyle
- School/Friendships/Future Study
- Community/Leisure/Health
- Global Issues/Indonesia/Australia

Each unit contains:

- a variety of text types to introduce issues, vocabulary, and grammatical structures
- a glossary for each text
- true and false comprehension questions in Indonesian
- comprehension questions and suggested activities in both English and Indonesian
- Grammar spot – focuses on individual grammar points
- Latian – 16 pages of workbook exercises to reinforce vocabulary and grammar
- Langkah lists – summarizes the essential vocabulary from the unit


Victoria has taught Indonesian Yrs 7 - 12 for 11 years and was hief Examiner for VCE Indonesian for 5 years. She is the author of the AYO! Series and other texts at Nelson Cengage Learning. She was previously the Managing Editor for LOTE texts at Cengage Learning and now works part-time as an editor and writer.


CD-ROM contains an electronic word finder that can be loaded on MP3 players

DVD features eight, three-minute video clips showcasing language used in context. Each clip will use vocabulary and structures introduced in the corresponding Student Book chapter