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Hodder 20th Century History: Vietnam 1939-75

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780340814758

The lively narrative and excellent written and visual sources promote a strong understanding and sound exam skills, whilst the differentiated Foundation Editions (available for some titles) for D–G students use a lower language level for maximum clarity, and are perfect for use alongside the Mainstream Editions in mixed-ability classes.


1 The Japanese and French wars
2 American support for South Vietnam
3 American involvement increases, 1961-63
4 The Overthrow of Diem
5 The Gulf of Tonkin incident
6 Guerrilla warfare and tactics
7 Attitudes towards the enemy
8 The soldiers' war
9 The Tet Offensive, 1968
10 The Tet Offensive and the Media
11 My Lai
12 The war and civil rights
13 Opposition to the War in the US
14 Vietnamisation and US withdrawal
15 Reasons for the US defeat
16 Vietnam united
17 Consequences of the war for the US
18 Examination Advice


Is one of only a few books available on the topic at this level.

Questions are completely revised to reflect current assessment practices.

Provides complete coverage of the Vietnam content in the Modern World History specifications.