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Nelson Biology VCE Units 3 & 4: Student Activity Manual

By | Copyright Year:2006 | ISBN-13: 9780170121163

The Nelson Biology VCE Units 3 & 4 Student Activity Manual has been developed to meet the aims and key skills of Units 3 & 4 in the Biology Study Design (2006 - 2012).

It provides students with assessment tasks to assist in the development of understanding of the key knowledge and satisfactory completion of the assessment for each area of study.

This Activity Manual provides at least six practical activities for each area of study, each activity covering different key knowledge dot points.

These activities are investigative; they allow the students to discover, learn and understand information through experimentation. The questions have been designed to assist the students to draw their understandings together into coherent ideas.

Some activities are designed to allow students to plan, design and conduct their own first hand activities. ICT skills have also been incorporated into activities where appropriate and applicable. Each practical activity is also linked to the student book through a margin icon.


Chapter 1: Biopathways
Chapter 2: Distribution
Chapter 3: Energy Transformations
Chapter 4: Coordination & regulation: the molecular message
Chapter 5: Detecting and responding
Chapter 6: Immune response
Chapter 7: Heredity
Chapter 8: Molecular genetics
Chapter 9: Gene manipulation
Chapter 10: Evidence of change
Chapter 11: Population genetics
Chapter 12: Hominid evolution


Write on student manual with tear out pages so work can be assessed.

Extra questions for each activity provided on the Teacher CD.

Spiral binding so the manual sits flat on the desk.

Investigative flavour to the activities to allow students to gain knowledge for themselves rather than verifying already learnt knowledge.

Close links to the VCE Biology Study Design (2006-2012).

Development of Key Knowledge and Key Skills as detailed in the Study Design.

Activities that can be used as Assessment Tasks.

Activities that can be customised for individual classes using the extra/alternative questions on the Teacher CD.

Pre-lab activities to assist in understanding assumed knowledge prior to undertaking activity.

Checklists for materials and procedure to assist with student organisation.

Easy to follow instructions.

Activities that are designed to be investigative rather that verifying already learnt content.

Incorporation of ICT skills where appropriate and applicable.

Icons in the margin of the student book that indicate appropriate time required to undertake practical activity.

Some activities that allow students to plan, design and conduct their own first hand investigations.

Design that allows students to write their results and answers directly into their manuals, saving time and money wasted in photocopying