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Shirabeyo Japanese Language Look it Up for Senior Secondary Students - 9780170238687
320 Pages

Shirabeyo Japanese Language Look it Up for Senior Secondary Students

By | Copyright Year:2014 | ISBN-13: 9780170238687

Attention: Senior students of Japanese in Queensland

QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) has advised that the Queensland Senior Japanese Syllabus for implementation in 2019 will be available on the QCAA website in June 2017.

Shirabeyo: Japanese Language Look It Up is the ideal student resource addressing the requirements of the new Queensland Senior Japanese syllabus. Covering all four units of the syllabus’ mandatory language elements at Years 11 and 12 (as well as being suitable for Year 10 second semester), it is a valuable resource providing comprehensive grammar, explanations and example sentences as well as verb, adjective and kanji lists for senior students.

For teachers, a syllabus-matching document is available upon request from your QLD education consultant.

General Overview:

Shirabeyo – Japanese Look It Up is a comprehensive and easy-to-use national resource for senior students of Japanese language.

The key features include:
• addresses core language and script (grammar / language functions, verbs, adjectives and kanji)
• provides a guide to developing key language structures, pronunciation, and usage across any topic and theme
• covers all mandatory Japanese language as prescribed or recommended by senior syllabus documents unrelated to any textbook and topic-based chapter/unit.

Shirabeyo: Japanese Language Look It Up addresses core content requirements for all states or territories in Australia. It can also be used by background language learners of Japanese or by university students.


• How to use this book
• Grammar
• Verbs
• Adjectives
• Kanji
• Index of Verbs
• Index of Adjectives
• Index of Kanji


Ken Hutchinson is a well-known and highly respected teacher of Japanese and language consultant, with vast experience in the high school setting. He is Head of Languages at Grace Lutheran College, Queensland. Ken held the position of Chairman, State Panel for Japanese, Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) for 10 years. He also served on the State Japanese Syllabus Committee for 15 years. Ken has an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum documents used throughout Australia and New Zealand, and is a sought-after consultant for Japanese language resource development. Ken has authored, and contributed to, a number of other leading Japanese Primary School, Middle School and Secondary School textbooks which are being used across Australia and New Zealand.


Grammar and language functions mandatory for students in senior secondary Japanese across all syllabi/curricula

All verbs needed by students in senior secondary Japanese are included

Includes the most commonly studied adjectives

Includes all mandatory kanji.