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Tsumiki 1 Teacher Audio CDs

By | Copyright Year:2003 | ISBN-13: 9780170102698

The Tsumiki Audio CDs present the dialogues from the Student Books as well as those required for the listening activities in the Workbooks. They contain native speakers professionaly recorded at normal and slower speeds.


The Audio CDs contain all the listening from the Student Book texts, and also the relevant listening activities needed to complete the Workbook exercises and tasks.


Margaret Lee spent many years teaching Japanese, taking students to Japan and writing Isshoni and Tsumiki series of Japanese texts. She is a passionate believer in the need for high-quality learning and teaching resources in secondary schools, and the need to pursue high academic standards.


Presents the dialogues from the Student Book, as well as the dialogues required for the listening activities in the Workbook

Professionally recorded by native speakers, using normal and nearly normal speeds

Audio CDs are contained in a durable case, and they cover over 5 hours of Japanese recording by native speakers.